OB5 dual clutch

Seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox 0B5/S tronic

Audi Q5/A4/A5.

The dual-clutch gearbox 0B5 provides a special driving experience.

Sub-gearbox 1 The odd numbered gears (1, 3, 5, 7) can be driven through the central input shaft 1 by clutch K1.

Sub-gearbox 2 The even numbered gears (2, 4, 6) and the reverse gear can be driven through input shaft 2 (a hollow shaft) by clutch K2.

The mechatronic system acts as the central gearbox control unit. It combines the electro-hydraulic control unit (actuators), the electronic control unit and some of the sensors into a single unit. On account of the longitudinal configuration, the rpm sensors of both gearbox input shafts and the gear sensor are located on a separate mounting bracket.

The mechatronic system controls, regulates and performs the following functions:

– Adaptation of oil pressure in the hydraulic system to requirements – Dual clutch regulation – Clutch cooling regulation – Shift point selection – Gearbox control and regulation – Communication with other control units – Limp-home programs – Self-diagnostics


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Very impressed with the service. Vehicle came back immaculate, hand washed as well, so no scratches from cheap car washes. Good turn around time considering some parts came from the states.

Mr Spacey - Honda Jazz - Southampton

I found the STL team including Martin and Simon to be very professional and informative. Having just brought a car with what i thought was a noisy wheel bearing they soon diagnosed a rear diff issue. Within 2 days they had the car in, fixed and returned to me. I would recommend STL for their service and expert knowledge which i have found second to non. Many thanks guys.

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Vehicle had been in with two other garages (so called specialists) that couldn't fault the vehicle. Signature said they might need the vehicle for a few days to get the fault to occur. it did once, but knew what the fault would be instantly. Fine job Lads Thank you!! Definitely recommend.

Ray - Maserati - North London

Great Great Great service, such a well organised firm. Always got back to me whether it was good or bad news, I hate companies that lie and leave you in the dark. fantastic job. Vehicle drove better that new.

Mr Peterson - Nissan Qashqai - Leeds