Test Equipment

Transmission unit tester

Automatic Transmission Test Unit HT-2000

Test equipment for the Automatic industry has advanced significantly in recent years, and since modern vehicles are fully electronic and complex systems, we use only the latest diagnostic equipment. See below some tools and modification undertaken by Signature Transmissions.

Automatic Transmission Test Unit HT-2000 The portable Hydra-Test HT-2000 unit allows the operator to test the hydraulic integrity of the individual components in the automatic transmission unit. With a simple connection, clutch and band operation can be diagnosed.

Bench testing the transmission unit can save valuable time by reducing unnecessary installation and removal of the automatic gearbox from the vehicle. A test plate is attached to the transmission. Then using the flow meter, the operator performs a test to indicate the amount of leakage at the piston or servo seals. A pass/fail condition can be determined.

Solenoid Tester

Testing solenoids

Testing and calibrating solenoids using the correct test equipment highlights defective parts, electrically and hydraulically. The integrated solenoid test machine allows us to hot & Cold test solenoids, pulse clean and adjust using plotting graphs. We are able to pinpoint fault components, allowing us to change that individual component/s This helps signature keep rebuild costs down, as we wont be changing a complete Valve body assembly or control unit.

Solenoid calibration monitor

Modifying & improving Valve body performance

Sonnax Zip Kits targets the root cause of multiple complaints by sealing the critical circuit pressure losses in the valve bodies. The zip kits contain uniquely designed parts to prevent the loss of pressures within the main line. Resolves critical hydraulic pressure loss, caused by commonly worn components

Zip kits and over size valves are changed on 80% of Signature’s rebuilds. As valves move in their lands surrounded by fine debris particles, it creates a fine paste which can be abrasive, this after time eats into the lands and cause pressure loss ending in defective components inside the transmission.

There are also bench testing methods used by our Technicians to check Valve Body spools. We use the air decay tester seen on the images below. To perform a vacuum test, the rebuilder seals a circuit with a plate or pad, moving between circuits to test various areas. Once clean, the entire valve body casing can be checked for valve to bore tolerance. Other benefits include the ability to remove valves from the bore, check boost sleeve wear and the condition of solenoid seats. vacuum test gauges produce specific data that make for an easier diagnostic learning curve.

Vacuum tester

Vehcile code reading Equipment


This tool has the same capability of the dealerships coding equipment. It is mainly used for pairing, re-programming & re-flashing ECU’s/TCM control units to vehicles. We can calibrate and set up clutch volume/clearance on the DSG 0AM (dry clutch) as well as setting driver values on road adaptions.

We also use other pass through tools that allows use to software code on numerous amounts of different Makes & Models of vehicles. Our aim is to be completely independent from dealerships, this saves time and money for our customers.

DrivePRO Flash Programming & Coding

DrivePRO & Ford IDS Coding tool

Coding capability on:-

  1. Renault
  2. Citroen
  3. Peugeot
  4. Landrover
  5. Jaguar
  6. Ford

These tools allow us to code, reprogram and adapt module control units to chassis specific systems.

  • Fault read/clear                                     
  • Global fault read/clear
  • Service interval reset
  • Live data and actuations
  • Diesel particulate filter DPF reset
  • Coding and remote adaptation


What customers say about STL...

I found the STL team including Martin and Simon to be very professional and informative. Having just brought a car with what i thought was a noisy wheel bearing they soon diagnosed a rear diff issue. Within 2 days they had the car in, fixed and returned to me. I would recommend STL for their service and expert knowledge which i have found second to non. Many thanks guys.

Chris B - BMW X1 - Kettering

Very impressed with the service. Vehicle came back immaculate, hand washed as well, so no scratches from cheap car washes. Good turn around time considering some parts came from the states.

Mr Spacey - Honda Jazz - Southampton

Great Great Great service, such a well organised firm. Always got back to me whether it was good or bad news, I hate companies that lie and leave you in the dark. fantastic job. Vehicle drove better that new.

Mr Peterson - Nissan Qashqai - Leeds

Vehicle had been in with two other garages (so called specialists) that couldn't fault the vehicle. Signature said they might need the vehicle for a few days to get the fault to occur. it did once, but knew what the fault would be instantly. Fine job Lads Thank you!! Definitely recommend.

Ray - Maserati - North London